About the Blog

So begins this little experiment that has been one year in the making.

I’ve never liked the term “blogger,” and the narrower “fashion blogger” often makes me roll my eyes in disdain.  I have opinions like everyone else; I’ve just never felt compelled to share them under the guise of a supposed expert or insider.  But now that I am required to do just that for a college course, I may as well run with it.

The idea for “The Cheeky Bastard” first came to me in February 2011 during my semester abroad in London.  I still had my contempt for fashion bloggers and their mindless prattling, but I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the wonderful fashion hothouse that is London.  As with so many things, I never got around to it, and “The Cheeky Bastard” simmered quietly in the back of my mind for the better part of a year.  Until now.

So what will “The Cheeky Bastard” be all about, you ask?  Perhaps it will be easier to tell you what it won’t.  There will be no street style, no inane photos of me gussied up in Margiela and Balenciaga snapped by some hapless friend (in fact, I’ll be amazed if there winds up being any photos of me, period), no gushing coverage of ridiculous, “exclusive” parties or launches thrown by retailers or magazines where the ratio of polyester to silk is disturbingly high, no video posts of what I bought last weekend, and no use of the word “fabulous.”

My hope is that here you will find intelligent (sometimes), humorous (fingers crossed) and sardonic commentary on the entirety of the men’s fashion industry and everything that impacts it, from runway shows to the eventual takeover of Hermès by LVMH (come on, you know it’s coming).  I’ll share things I stumble upon that amuse, inspire, or terrify me, be they fashion related or not. I might also use this blog as motivation to write down the constant musings and observations that flood this tiny head. There’s also liable to be a fair amount of mocking.

Enjoy the ride,



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