A Japanese spin on American classics

I recently came across this brilliant article in The Independent on the level of craft Japanese streetwear brands are employing in the creation of their clothing. When I think of Japanese fashion, I automatically conjure up images of the cerebral designs of Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. (And insanely dressed Harajuku girls.) But a new crop of Japanese designers have a deep-rooted appreciation and love for classic American menswear—think 1950’s barracuda and letterman’s jackets, gingham shirting and denim—and often reinterpret these pieces with a distinctive Eastern twist. What I feel makes this trend particularly interesting is that American shops and customers are lapping up this often underground brands, buying back our reworked homegrown styles.

Here is an assortment from each of the brands mentioned in Adam Welch’s piece.

(Yes, I recognize that several of these pieces don’t exactly embody Americana, but they’re still pretty amazing.)

Beams Plus (courtesy of Mr. Porter)


White Mountaineering (courtesy of Oki-Ni)

Sasquatchfabrix (courtesy of LN-CC)


Uniform Experiment (courtesy of End Clothing)

Kolor (courtesy of Mr. Porter)


One thought on “A Japanese spin on American classics

  1. What a cool twist on otherwise plain clothes! If I hadn’t known, I don’t think I would have guessed it was Japanese, but I love the new perspective.

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