Belstaff Redux

I first became truly acquainted with Belstaff during my semester abroad in London. I passed the shop every day on my way to school and popped in occasionally to nose around. While the waxed cotton coats and sturdy leather jackets weren’t my taste, I could appreciate their quality and heritage—the UK-based company has been in existence since 1924 and claims to be the first to produce breathable waterproof garments. Those Brits and their outerwear…

While checking out the coverage of London Fashion Week, I came across the latest collection, which blew me away. It was luxe, sophisticated, modern, and, for lack of a better term, pretty Burberry-esque. Turns out there’s a good reason. Belstaff is retooling under the creative direction of American Martin Cooper, who spent 16 years at Burberry, eventually becoming design director for outerwear. Cooper is clearly taking what he learned under Christopher Bailey’s direction and has embraced a luxurious, masculine aesthetic. No complaints here; just admiration.


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