Gratuitous shots of male models in their skivvies

I’ve always been intrigued by runway shows. So much time, money and effort goes into creating a singular 10-minute vision showcasing clothing that took countless hours to create, the majority of which will never see the sales floor. Cameras routinely catch the backstage action at women’s shows, while the men are relegated a bit more to the sidelines. As someone who has had the pleasure of assisting in a small handful of shows, I can tell you backstage is an amusing, frenetic, and eye-opening place to be.

So, for your entertainment, here are some videos offering a glimpse backstage at the latest A/W 12 shows. Yes, I do watch these on a routine basis. Everyone is pretty and captivating until they open their mouths. I’m not one to judge (too harshly), but I am tickled at how everyone seems just a bit dim.

Delightful, wonderful insanity.

You made it this far?  Good. Your reward is the shameless seminudity of some of the finest male bodies on the planet.  Try not to be too mean to the models—remember, English is a second language for many of them.

More than one friend has asked, “This is your pornography, isn’t it?” I prefer the term “inspiration.” (And I wonder where my distorted idea of what constitutes a healthy body image comes from.)



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