5 Amazing Designers You Probably Don’t Know

Ah, New York Fashion Week. The bastard stepchild of Milan and London. Where “the establishment” means John Bartlett (not bad) and DKNY (wake me when it’s over). But it is a bit of a showcase for new talent, and with the mainstream fashion press fixated on heritage Americana, here are a few names you should know. (Or maybe I’ve underestimated everyone and have made an ass of myself.)

Duckie Brown 

These boys (Daniel Silver and Steven Cox) have been around for a while actually, and I’ve been a fan for years. Curiously enough, I’ve been to New York, Paris, and London, and have yet to see their clothes in person.

Robert Geller

Love, love, love. This German cut his teeth at Mark Jacobs and Alexandre Plokhov at Cloak (more on that later) before launching his own label in 2007. Again, have never actually seen any of it in real life. I’m just trusting it exists. God help me if I ever do find it.

Tim Hamilton

Tim has the distinction of being the first American-based designer invited to show at men’s fashion week in Paris, and for sharing a name with an infamous gay porn star. An alum of Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, he remains based in New York. (And I can say I have the pleasure of owning some of his pieces.)

Alexandre Plokhov

Back and forth, Cloak, Versace. The hottest thing out there, then bankrupt. But the guy has talent.

Patrik Ervell

Been a fan of Patrik since the beginning. Sophisticated, deceptively minimal, and very intellectual.


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